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Your Dragon Warriors are in another castle

As of 1st April 2011 Magnum Opus Press no longer publishes the Dragon Warriors RPG. The rights have transferred to Serpent King Games, whose website you will find by clicking here:

Serpent King Games

But we’re still publishing some cool and interesting stuff, and we have new projects in the pipeline, so check us out.


People have been asking what Magnum Opus is going to do now that we’re not publishing Dragon Warriors any more. The simple answer: we’re not going away. We will continue to release games, books and interesting things that blur the lines between the two.

Case in point: AFTERLIVES, our latest PDF-only title. AFTERLIVES is a meta-RPG (or a systemless scenario for any fantasy RPG, if you prefer to call it that) which asks: do player-characters have souls, and if so what happens to them when the PC dies? Do they go to their religion’s version of heaven or hell? And can you influence that?

It’s a 22-page one-shot by acclaimed author/designer James Wallis with art by Gustave Dore (known for illustrating The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen and the Bible). Dragon Warriors creator Dave Morris says that it “bears the sure touch of Wallis genius”.
Afterlives cover
AFTERLIVES is available as a DRM-free PDF from DriveThruRPG, for $4.95 (click here to visit the site). Later in the year we’ll make it available as a limited-edition chapbook.

And there will be more to follow. You can rely on it.

The End Times are Here!

At midnight on 31st March Magnum Opus Press loses the right to publish and sell Dragon Warriors books, so this is literally your last chance to buy copies from us.

Buy the printed books here.

Buy the e-Books here as DRM-free PDFs.

There are terrific offers and bundles to be had, and it all goes off sale in a few hours, so dive in now.

Dragon Warriors: SALE!

The new home for Dragon Warriors is Serpent King Games, a new British company founded by Ian Sturrock, Jon Hodgson and Gareth Hanrahan. Ian edited many of the Magnum Opus titles and Jon provided amazing cover art and interiors for them, so you can rest assured that the game is in good hands. There’s a press release at their website above.

Meanwhile as we approach the hand-over dates we’re clearing out the warehouses of the old Magnum Opus stocks of ebooks and print titles.

At our store on DriveThruRPG we’ve cut the price of every single Dragon Warriors PDF to less than half the recommended price of the print edition, and there are some amazing bundles on offer as well—including a copy of every single book we released for the game for less than US$90.

The guys at Mongoose have followed our example and made some huge reductions on the prices of the print edition of Dragon Warriors and its supplements. Unlike the PDFs there are limited stocks of those and when they’re gone they’re gone. And everything comes off sale on 1st April anyway, so don’t waste time.

Meanwhile work progresses on Alas Vegas. It’s looking good.

Sad news

As you may have heard from other sources, Magnum Opus Press will cease publishing the Dragon Warriors RPG on 1st April 2011. All books and PDFs will no longer be purchasable from  the publisher or its business partners (Mongoose Publishing and DriveThruRPG) after then..

Despite the date, this is not a joke. This is a mutual agreement between Fabled Lands LLC, the legal owners of the Dragon Warriors game, and Magnum Opus Press.

As you can imagine there are all kinds of reasons and bits of background to this decision, but this isn’t the place to get into them. Buy James Wallis a couple of drinks the next time you see him at a convention and he’ll probably tell you.

It’s not all bad news, however.  A new company is ready to take up the reins of the game, and if things go according to plan you won’t even notice a bump between the end of the Magnum Opus reign and the start of the new era. We can’t give you any more details until they’re formally announced, but updates and links will be posted here as soon as we have clearance to release them. And we can say that we have it on good authority that they’ve restarted work on the long-awaited Players’ Book.

Maybe they’ll update their blog more often than we did. One can only hope.

Strange News Out Of Essex

Our latest release is a delightful and extraordinary piece of historical footnotery: a facsimile of a pamphlet printed in the UK in 1669, entitled The Flying Serpent, or Strange News Out of Essex. It concerns the appearance of a monstrous winged snake in a village close to the market-town of Saffron Walden and describes the reactions of the locals to it. The anonymous author The Flying Serpent or Strange News Out Of Essexthen details other extraordinary serpents that have been recorded as appearing in England, with particular reference to a Cockatrice that was killed near Saffron Walden itself, and describes other strange snake-like beings known to the ancients, including the scorpion and the rhinocerote.

Yes. The Flying Serpent is a bit mad.

Mad, that is, by the standards of the modern day. We think of 1669 as a time of post-Cromwellian enlightenment—after all people had, mostly, stopped burning each other at stakes—but the concepts of science and the scientific process were in their infancy, the great bulk of information was still passed by word of mouth and almost everybody took mythology and folklore at face value. This is a charming example of that: the details of the serpent are mixed in with verses and quotations, and there’s no clear division between what is real and what’s conjecture, or even fact and fiction.

It’s a fascinating and funny piece of historial trivia—there’s even a joke about lawyers in it—and we’re proud to make it available again after so long. Even if it does lead to yet more jokes about people from East Anglia.

You can read more about The Flying Serpent by clicking here or buy a copy from DriveThruRPG for a modest $1.50 by clicking here.

Feeling a little chilly

We’ve finally got a page up for In From The Cold, our November release of the best of Dave Morris’s work for White Dwarf magazine in the 1980s—all lovingly retooled for Dragon Warriors.

Some of the contents: complete information on Demonologists and how to create them as player-characters or vile NPCs; a new chapter of demons and another of demon-princes, and how to summon them. Ideas on how to use undead in your game without them becoming the tedious cannon-fodder they are in some other RPGs. And loads of adventures—six in all— including the much demanded ‘A Box of Old Bones’, now expanded with three new endings.

Check it out here.

Fury of the Deep

Surprise! With almost no announcement, we’ve released a completely new Dragon Warriors supplement. It’s called FURY OF THE DEEP and it’s a 54-page adventure by Jon Reed and Damian May, who both worked on the excellent Friends or Foes.

The reason we can do this so quickly is because FotD is only being released as an e-book. It is only available as a downloadable PDF from DriveThruRPG (and RPGNow and other affiliates). It also has less interior artwork than you find in most Dragon Warriors books—but that means more words per page, of course.

This is us experimenting with rapid book production. Put it this way: FotD has come together since we finished all work on the next major Dragon Warriors release, In From The Cold. But because of the lead-time that distributors and retailers require, IFTC won’t be released until November.

Anyway, Fury of the Deep is an adventure in the classic Dragon Warriors style, with a lost island, a flooded temple that dates back to classical times, a mysterious patron, a tale of long-awaited revenge, and some truly kick-ass monsters, traps and treasures. DW author Dave Morris called it “up to the very high standard of new-edition Dragon Warriors” and who are we to argue with him?

You can get your copy of Fury of the Deep from DriveThru RPG for just US$9.95 by clicking here.

Ordo Draconis 2 released

The second issue of Ordo Draconis, the independent fanzine for Dragon Warriors, has just been released. This one isn’t free, but on the other hand it’s almost three times as long as the first one. The content is fantastic, with a good range of articles and adventures, plus top-notch art and cartography, and another glorious cover from Jon Hodgson. Most of the game-mechanic articles are dual-statted to make them usable with the Pathfinder game-system.

Magnum Opus Press is proud to have its game supported by such a well-made production.

You can download Ordo Draconis #2 for the princely sum of $3.50 from RPGNow and its affiliates, or find more information at the magazine’s own website.

Fee Fie Friends or Foes

Friends or Foes, the latest supplement for the Dragon Warriors game, has been released. It’s a collection of 36 important and intruiging interlinked non-player characters from the Lands of Legend, all with full game info and adventure-seeds, ready to be dropped into your campaign.

You can find Friends or Foes at all good games shops, or download the digital edition direct from RPGNow by clicking this link.