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GAME NIGHT ebook and serialisation announced!

Magnum Opus Press is publicising the ebook release of award-nominated comic novel Game Night by Jonny Nexus by serialising the entire text on leading fantasy roleplaying community website EN World. Starting on Monday 16th November the whole book will be released online in twenty-six free weekly instalments, with each episode directing readers to websites where they can buy and download the full ebook edition of Game Night.

“We knew it was important to choose the right partner for this project,” says James Wallis, director of Magnum Opus Press. “EN World’s status as the number one website for roleplaying fans made it the obvious choice, and they’ve been enthusiastic from day one.”

EN World’s Russell Morrissey adds: “I bought and read Game Night over a year ago and laughed the whole way through. As a novel which will tickle the funnybone of every gamer out there, serialising it on EN World adds fantastic high-quality extra value for readers of the website. I personally can’t wait to start reading it again, and sharing my enjoyment of the book with many others.”

Game Night was described by as “The best novel every written about gaming. One of the funniest novels ever written about anything.” The print edition of the book was nominated for a prestigious ENnie Award in 2008.

The Prince is Right

Prince of Darkness, our revised and expanded edition of Oliver Johnson’s classic Dragon Warriors campaign from 1986, will be appearing in games shops around the world in the first week of November. But you can see it before that, as we’ve released it as a digital edition today. You can download Prince of Darkness from DriveThruRPG right now, in PDF format, for the princely price of US$12.95.

This is an experiment. It doesn’t mean that all our future books will be released as PDFs before they hit print, or that we’ll be moving entirely to electronic publishing, or anything like that. It’s just a test to see how the numbers compare and what shape the graphs make.

(The truth is, Magnum Opus’s director is getting asked more and more often about the business of ebooks and digital publishing, and analysing sales data like this is a way that he can make sure he knows what he’s talking about.)

Ordo Draconis issue 1 released

ORDO DRACONIS is a new fanzine for the Dragon Warriors RPG, available four times a year. Each issue is released as a free PDF that can be downloaded from the Mongoose Publishing website, and several other places.

The first issue of ORDO DRACONIS is 36 pages long, and contains:

  • A new character profession, the Friar;
  • The first part of the Thuland Campaign;
  • ‘The Ruins of Castle Cerreg’, an adventure set in the far south;
  • An interview with Dragon Warriors creator Dave Morris and publisher James Wallis;
  • Dave Morris’s thoughts on the role of faerie in the Lands of Legend;
  • A description of the county of Anglicia in Ellesland;
  • New artwork from DW cover-artist Jon Hodgson;
  • A copy of the very first sketch-map of the Lands of Legend, from 1984;
    and more.

ORDO DRACONIS is an unofficial publication, produced and published by fans of the Dragon Warriors game and its setting. It is not owned, licensed or approved by Magnum Opus Press, but the company is happy to support it and keen to see it succeed.

You can download it from DriveThruRPG by clicking this sentence.

Or visit the Ordo Draconis website by clicking here.

Dragon Warriors wiki

After a huge amount of work, the fan-created Dragon Warriors Wiki has finally gone public. It’s a huge repository for player-created material about the game, ranging from background and rules to adventures and more, as well as discussions about the game and things related to it.

It’s not an official Dragon Warriors site, but you’re sure to find a lot of interest.

Check it out here:

Another medal for the Baron

The nominations for the 2009 Ennie Awards have just been announced—and The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen has been shortlisted for ‘Best Writing’. Thanks to all the judges for their wisdom and insight in this category.

Free RPG Day

Last Saturday was Free RPG Day, with shops around the world giving away samplers and free adventures for upwards of twenty different games. Dragon Warriors was in the mix, with a free 24-page book that combined quickstart rules, background on Ellesland and a short adventure. If you missed the day itself, you can still download a copy of the booklet from DriveThruRPG: just click this link to go to the page.

iDragon Warriors

Over at the blog Teleread Chris Meadows has written a thoughtful piece on PDFs of RPG products, testing several of them on ebooks including the Sony PRS-700 e-reader, and comes out with high praise for the digital edition of the Dragon Warriors rulebook. ‘It’s very nicely done,’ he says, observing that he could even read the book on his iPhone—not true of some other games, which crashed the device.

New DW downloads

We’ve added some interesting and exciting Dragon Warriors downloads to the website over the last couple of days.

First of all, there’s a new adventure, ‘A Weak Pleasure’, by Shaun Hately and Mark Turner. Although it was designed to demonstrate Dragon Warriors at conventions, it’ll also slot into ongoing campaigns for an interesting single-session interlude.

Secondly, there’s Ian Sturrock’s long-awaited conversion rules for d20, for those who want to bring their old characters across from That Other Game System into the world of Dragon Warriors.

Thirdly, there’s the equally long-awaited Dragon Warriors Writers’ Guidelines. So you’d like to pitch your ideas for a new DW book to us? This PDF will tell you what we’re looking for, and how to impress us.

And finally, to prove we’re serious about wanting to see your writing, there’s an actual Call for Submissions for our forthcoming multi-author book ‘Friends or Foes’.

The adventure ‘A Weak Pleasure’ and the d20 conversion rules can be found at the Downloads page, and the  Writers’ Guidelines and the Call for Submissions are at the Writing for Dragon Warriors page.


On the Origins and Speeches

We’ve learned that the Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen has been nominated for an Origins Award, arguably the biggest games awards in the United States. This is fantastic news, and a wonderful recognition of the Baron’s talent as a games designer. We have cracked a bottle of Armagnac in celebration, so if our spelling goes wonky you’ll know why.

On the other hand, it’s been nominated in the category of ‘Children’s, Family, and Party Games’. Admittedly the new edition does contain the rules for ‘My Uncle the Baron’, a simplified version of the main game, but still: this is fundamentally a game about drinking, gambling and ogling the Duke of Clarence’s daughter. Still, as Oscar Wilde put it, the only thing worse that being talked about is being beheaded by the Sultan of Constantinople. Something like that. Don’t hog the Armagnac, dear fellow.

The original edition of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen—the 1998 release, not the suppressed 1808 printing—was also nominated for an Origins Award, and Magnum Opus press supremo James Wallis is a previous winner for his work on Nobilis in 2002.


New PDFS, missing FLs

We’ve added two new PDFs to the range of Dragon Warriors titles at DriveThruRPG. You can now buy digital versions of the two adventures for the game:

The Elven Crystals was released in print form a couple of weeks ago, and sharp-eyed readers quickly noticed there was a very strange error in the book. In the italicised passages, the letters ‘fl’ were mysteriously missing—so for example the word ‘shuffles’ (p.66) appears as ‘shuf  es’. We’re at a loss to explain why this has happened, but our print people are scratching their heads over it to make sure it never happens again. Please accept our sincere apologies, and we hope it doesn’t impact your enjoyment of the book. (This only affects the print version of the book; the PDF seems to be fine.)