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Free RPG Day


Last Saturday was Free RPG Day, with shops around the world giving away samplers and free adventures for upwards of twenty different games. Dragon Warriors was in the mix, with a free 24-page book that combined quickstart rules, background on Ellesland and a short adventure. If you missed the day itself, you can still download a copy of the booklet from DriveThruRPG: just click this link to go to the page.

iDragon Warriors


Over at the blog Teleread Chris Meadows has written a thoughtful piece on PDFs of RPG products, testing several of them on ebooks including the Sony PRS-700 e-reader, and comes out with high praise for the digital edition of the Dragon Warriors rulebook. ‘It’s very nicely done,’ he says, observing that he could even read the book on his iPhone—not true of some other games, which crashed the device.