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Ordo Draconis issue 1 released


ORDO DRACONIS is a new fanzine for the Dragon Warriors RPG, available four times a year. Each issue is released as a free PDF that can be downloaded from the Mongoose Publishing website, and several other places.

The first issue of ORDO DRACONIS is 36 pages long, and contains:

  • A new character profession, the Friar;
  • The first part of the Thuland Campaign;
  • ‘The Ruins of Castle Cerreg’, an adventure set in the far south;
  • An interview with Dragon Warriors creator Dave Morris and publisher James Wallis;
  • Dave Morris’s thoughts on the role of faerie in the Lands of Legend;
  • A description of the county of Anglicia in Ellesland;
  • New artwork from DW cover-artist Jon Hodgson;
  • A copy of the very first sketch-map of the Lands of Legend, from 1984;
    and more.

ORDO DRACONIS is an unofficial publication, produced and published by fans of the Dragon Warriors game and its setting. It is not owned, licensed or approved by Magnum Opus Press, but the company is happy to support it and keen to see it succeed.

You can download it from DriveThruRPG by clicking this sentence.

Or visit the Ordo Draconis website by clicking here.