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Our colleagues at Mongoose Publishing have included a Dragon Warriors adventure, ‘Betrayal at Desolate Mountain’ by Carl Walmsley, in the latest issue of their free downloadable games-magazine Signs & Portents. You can download a copy for yourself by clicking this link.

2 Responses to Free adventure

  1. The adventure is ok, but IMHO contains quite a few D&Disms and doesn’t really seem to fit in Legend, especially in the region where it is set.

  2. Hey – I am running this adventure for my group of players and we are having a great time. They have yet to battle with Gulruin (beyond the brief skirmish in the betrayal scene), but they’ve heard enough rumors of his ability to “turn people to stone with but a word” that they’re truly terrified to see him again.

    I plan to follow with The Darkness Before Dawn and then into Sleeping Gods.

    cheers – jason

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