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You can now buy Magnum Opus Press’s roleplaying books, specifically the Dragon Warriors and Baron Munchausen titles, as downloadable PDF titles from the largest RPG download store in the world, DriveThruRPG.

At present the downloadable books are:

Further titles will be added shortly.

These PDFs contain all the  material from the print editions, plus corrections to any errata we’ve found, and they have been extensively bookmarked and cross-linked for ease of use.

Any questions, please email us at the usual address.

5 Responses to Magnum Opus PDFs

  1. Nice.

    I prefer real books myself but this is good for those who like pdfs.

    Any chance of getting some nice pdf maps in the downloads section.

  2. I saw the cartographer Andy Law this weekend, we talked about this, and he’s happy for his maps to appear in PDFs. So as soon as I get a moment I will be creating a free-to-download PDF of all the principal maps from the DW rulebook and supplements.

  3. You are a legendary individual, looking forward to it. :)

  4. I would point out that you can also get Sleeping Gods for the $14.95 pricetag now.

    Also, as a prolific user of PDF and electronic RPG products, allow me to thank you for bookmarking and cross-linking. In the words (and tone) of Jon Stewart, kudos.

  5. Much appreciated. These are the first PDFs that I’ve done proper bookmarking and cross-linking on: if you have any comments on my methods and how they can be improved, I’d very much like to hear them.

    Elven Crystals PDF to follow shortly.

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