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New PDFS, missing FLs


We’ve added two new PDFs to the range of Dragon Warriors titles at DriveThruRPG. You can now buy digital versions of the two adventures for the game:

The Elven Crystals was released in print form a couple of weeks ago, and sharp-eyed readers quickly noticed there was a very strange error in the book. In the italicised passages, the letters ‘fl’ were mysteriously missing—so for example the word ‘shuffles’ (p.66) appears as ‘shuf  es’. We’re at a loss to explain why this has happened, but our print people are scratching their heads over it to make sure it never happens again. Please accept our sincere apologies, and we hope it doesn’t impact your enjoyment of the book. (This only affects the print version of the book; the PDF seems to be fine.)

7 Responses to New PDFS, missing FLs

  1. That has got to be the most bizarre printer error ever. I’m with the printer on this one – that’s just an oddball thing. How?! I can only imagine that a weird software error was triggered, some kind of bizarre cascade that took out every bit sequence of a certain type (italicized “fl”).

    I’ll have to remember this one. ^^

  2. My guess–and it is only a guess–is that it’s a problem with the ligatures in the italic subset of the font not embedding properly in the PDF. But there are other ligatures in there that have printed properly. If I’m right, for the next book it’s a toss-up between switching off the ligatures or using a different cut of Caslon. And anyone who’s read Baron Munchausen knows how much I like ligatures….

  3. I’m really pushing my luck asking if theres going to be a sample section from TEC in the downloads section soon aren’t I?

    But then I always was a cheeky bastard. :)

  4. Wow, I was about purchasing Elven Crystals “hard” verson (I don’t like pdfs much) online, but dropped by here first. This printing error is only in that first version of the pdf, not in the hard copies, right? Thanks!

  5. No, the problem is with the hard copies. If it had been in the PDFs we could have (and would have) corrected it easily.

  6. There will be a sample section of TEC added to the downloads section. For the moment you can download a sample PDF of a part of the book from its page on DriveThruRPG.

  7. Damien Wise

    I purchased the book a few days ago from my local games shop (Australia) and noticed a few of those gaps. It’s clear from context what should have been printed but not too attractive. Thanks for explaining the pattern to those gaps. What a bizarre bug!

    Loved the extra material in the chapter, “Into the Spirit Realm”. :)

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