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New DW downloads


We’ve added some interesting and exciting Dragon Warriors downloads to the website over the last couple of days.

First of all, there’s a new adventure, ‘A Weak Pleasure’, by Shaun Hately and Mark Turner. Although it was designed to demonstrate Dragon Warriors at conventions, it’ll also slot into ongoing campaigns for an interesting single-session interlude.

Secondly, there’s Ian Sturrock’s long-awaited conversion rules for d20, for those who want to bring their old characters across from That Other Game System into the world of Dragon Warriors.

Thirdly, there’s the equally long-awaited Dragon Warriors Writers’ Guidelines. So you’d like to pitch your ideas for a new DW book to us? This PDF will tell you what we’re looking for, and how to impress us.

And finally, to prove we’re serious about wanting to see your writing, there’s an actual Call for Submissions for our forthcoming multi-author book ‘Friends or Foes’.

The adventure ‘A Weak Pleasure’ and the d20 conversion rules can be found at the Downloads page, and the  Writers’ Guidelines and the Call for Submissions are at the Writing for Dragon Warriors page.


4 Responses to New DW downloads

  1. Damian/ Bulya

    The adventure is nice makes good use of the Pazuzu, I like the moral greyness…..just wish it didn’t contain the immortal phrase ‘defending the village from an attack by orcs’….


  2. Bulya/ Damian May

    Just realised after reading the writers guidelines and realising I have a lot of material that matches with what James wants that its all on the Wiki which means I can’t submit any of it for possible publication, correct?

    Aware that this should probably be emailed straight to james but I can’t access email on this computer.


  3. We’d be prepared to look at a proposal based on material that you originally created for the web, but you’d have to be able to guarantee that if we commissioned the book then all that material would be removed from the internet. Yes, in an ideal world it would be lovely to leave it available as publicity for the forthcoming book, but frankly the sales of RPGs are so low and the profit-margins so slim these days that it’s more likely to damage sales than aid them.

  4. Bulya/ Damian May

    I’ll just have to think up some more new stuff then……though if James wants to do a full Thousand Islands book later on *commence wishful thinking mode* I’ll have to decide on that then.


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