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After a huge amount of work, the fan-created Dragon Warriors Wiki has finally gone public. It’s a huge repository for player-created material about the game, ranging from background and rules to adventures and more, as well as discussions about the game and things related to it.

It’s not an official Dragon Warriors site, but you’re sure to find a lot of interest.

Check it out here:

2 Responses to Dragon Warriors wiki

  1. Is there anything happening between August and November at all? Maybe just another free adventure or the like?

    Or should I submit one?:)

  2. We have no official publications scheduled between now and November, although the first issue of the fanzine Ordo Draconis should be out any day now.

    I’m busy with work on Friends or Foes and a couple of so-far-unnamed supplements to write new material for the website, but if you wanted to submit anything then please drop me a line in email. That kind of stuff is always welcome!

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