Magnum Opus Press

The Prince is Right

Prince of Darkness, our revised and expanded edition of Oliver Johnson’s classic Dragon Warriors campaign from 1986, will be appearing in games shops around the world in the first week of November. But you can see it before that, as we’ve released it as a digital edition today. You can download Prince of Darkness from DriveThruRPG right now, in PDF format, for the princely price of US$12.95.

This is an experiment. It doesn’t mean that all our future books will be released as PDFs before they hit print, or that we’ll be moving entirely to electronic publishing, or anything like that. It’s just a test to see how the numbers compare and what shape the graphs make.

(The truth is, Magnum Opus’s director is getting asked more and more often about the business of ebooks and digital publishing, and analysing sales data like this is a way that he can make sure he knows what he’s talking about.)

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