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Fury of the Deep

Surprise! With almost no announcement, we’ve released a completely new Dragon Warriors supplement. It’s called FURY OF THE DEEP and it’s a 54-page adventure by Jon Reed and Damian May, who both worked on the excellent Friends or Foes.

The reason we can do this so quickly is because FotD is only being released as an e-book. It is only available as a downloadable PDF from DriveThruRPG (and RPGNow and other affiliates). It also has less interior artwork than you find in most Dragon Warriors books—but that means more words per page, of course.

This is us experimenting with rapid book production. Put it this way: FotD has come together since we finished all work on the next major Dragon Warriors release, In From The Cold. But because of the lead-time that distributors and retailers require, IFTC won’t be released until November.

Anyway, Fury of the Deep is an adventure in the classic Dragon Warriors style, with a lost island, a flooded temple that dates back to classical times, a mysterious patron, a tale of long-awaited revenge, and some truly kick-ass monsters, traps and treasures. DW author Dave Morris called it “up to the very high standard of new-edition Dragon Warriors” and who are we to argue with him?

You can get your copy of Fury of the Deep from DriveThru RPG for just US$9.95 by clicking here.

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