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Sad news


As you may have heard from other sources, Magnum Opus Press will cease publishing the Dragon Warriors RPG on 1st April 2011. All books and PDFs will no longer be purchasable from  the publisher or its business partners (Mongoose Publishing and DriveThruRPG) after then..

Despite the date, this is not a joke. This is a mutual agreement between Fabled Lands LLC, the legal owners of the Dragon Warriors game, and Magnum Opus Press.

As you can imagine there are all kinds of reasons and bits of background to this decision, but this isn’t the place to get into them. Buy James Wallis a couple of drinks the next time you see him at a convention and he’ll probably tell you.

It’s not all bad news, however.  A new company is ready to take up the reins of the game, and if things go according to plan you won’t even notice a bump between the end of the Magnum Opus reign and the start of the new era. We can’t give you any more details until they’re formally announced, but updates and links will be posted here as soon as we have clearance to release them. And we can say that we have it on good authority that they’ve restarted work on the long-awaited Players’ Book.

Maybe they’ll update their blog more often than we did. One can only hope.

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