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Dragon Warriors: SALE!

The new home for Dragon Warriors is Serpent King Games, a new British company founded by Ian Sturrock, Jon Hodgson and Gareth Hanrahan. Ian edited many of the Magnum Opus titles and Jon provided amazing cover art and interiors for them, so you can rest assured that the game is in good hands. There’s a press release at their website above.

Meanwhile as we approach the hand-over dates we’re clearing out the warehouses of the old Magnum Opus stocks of ebooks and print titles.

At our store on DriveThruRPG we’ve cut the price of every single Dragon Warriors PDF to less than half the recommended price of the print edition, and there are some amazing bundles on offer as well—including a copy of every single book we released for the game for less than US$90.

The guys at Mongoose have followed our example and made some huge reductions on the prices of the print edition of Dragon Warriors and its supplements. Unlike the PDFs there are limited stocks of those and when they’re gone they’re gone. And everything comes off sale on 1st April anyway, so don’t waste time.

Meanwhile work progresses on Alas Vegas. It’s looking good.


  • simon mcdonald says:

    omg I played Dragon Warriors in my teens.., after getting past the rite of passage – unbalanced heroes and wannabe cartoon characters in an unrealistic environment myself and fellow roleplayers got down to some ‘role – playing’. Twas a great setting, decent modules (or adventures) and balanced up more readily the personal in a conjoined series of adventures than many of its competitive counterparts. I didnt say something else with Dragons in it. There was an omission of ultimate coolness however.., some western bridging adventures that would take us further from Albion to Krarth, mayhaps an betrayal in a kings youth inferred that he send some of his court, with his fop son, to marry a distant dame in an Empire to the East. Whom could possibly see him there safely now his adventuring days are waning (I didnt say over) ???? A pc group of course. Oh the differing acclimatising magic condition various people would either succumb to or attune themselves. Folk whom attempted to consider themselves authorative heroes of the realm are a dime a dozen in the slave pits, gladiatorial arenas and marshlands the unforgiving regions that lie between point a and point b. It is of course hardly the gms fault the pcs havent paid up a water deity of tithes that they suffered an early and unexpected landfall… itmay seem unhealthily unfair that maps are quite difficult to obtain..however, claim their destination / prize thwy must or they may never meet the cheeky minstrels whom would declare their misfortunes before a whole new court and series of women and menfolk. Uhm, in short an adventure series upon mainland Krarth may be cool.

  • admin says:

    Sadly Magnum Opus Press no longer has the publishing rights to Dragon Warriors. The game is now published by Serpent King Games, who I’m sure will be releasing some new material for it some time this decade.

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