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Your Dragon Warriors are in another castle


As of 1st April 2011 Magnum Opus Press no longer publishes the Dragon Warriors RPG. The rights have transferred to Serpent King Games, whose website you will find by clicking here:

Serpent King Games

But we’re still publishing some cool and interesting stuff, and we have new projects in the pipeline, so check us out.

3 Responses to Your Dragon Warriors are in another castle

  1. Unfortunate that you’re no longer printing this, the ‘In From The Cold’ supplement however, where can this be purchased now? It was a collection of articles as I recall from White Dwarf, and other than a hideously expensive one on I cannot find it now.

    Could you point me in the right direction perhaps?


  2. I’ve just checked with the guys at Serpent King and apparently In From The Cold is not available in any format right now. Sorry I can’t be any more help than that.

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