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You can see a list of all Magnum Opus Press’s titles in the column to the left. Some are in print, some are still to be released. We don’t list our out-of-print titles unless we’re revising or reprinting them; if there’s something you’re looking for but can’t find on this website, we recommend you try

There are various ways to buy our books. You should be able to order them from any good bookshop. You can buy them online through or, or a very large number of other online bookshops. You can buy directly from our stand at various trade-shows, conventions and other events we attend. And if you simply can’t find them anywhere else then you can drop us a line through the Contact Us page and we can give you details of how to mail-order the book directly from us. We don’t actually have a mail-order department, but we have a box of padded envelopes and a desire to get our books into the hands of people who want to read them.

Although James (the MD) used to run Hogshead Publishing, he does not have spare copies of any old Hogshead Publishing titles for sale. He wishes he did. Sorry.

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