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All Good Characters Go To Heaven:
An RPG metagame exploring what happens to a PC’s soul

EVER WONDERED what happens to Player Characters’ souls after they die? Do they get to the celestial paradise that their religion promised, or are they cast into the fiery pit of eternity, or reincarnated, or what? Afterlives is a one-off scenario that will answer that question and a whole lot more, by creating a session where the soul of the dead Player Character is put on trial for their deeds and misdeeds while alive. Arguing in their defence: the rest of the party… while arguing for the persecution is the one person who is guaranteed to know all of a PC’s sneakiest acts: the GM. Cue arguments, secrets, revelations, threats, double-dealing, and a whole lot of unexpected hilarity.

Afterlives is a systemless scenario (or ‘RPG metagame’ if you prefer) for any fantasy RPG or other style of role-playing game where the characters follow a religion or a patron deity. It runs in a single session, but can be played multiple times with the same group without becoming stale.

Written by Origins Award-winner and ENnie nominee James Wallis (Once Upon a Time, The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen), Afterlives was originally published as a supplement in John Kovalic’s Dork Tower magazine. This edition has been revised and expanded, with pictures that don’t feature comedy muskrats. We’ve got nothing against comedy muskrats, but they don’t rank highly on our list of essential things to appear in metaphysical dramas about the afterlife. Sorry, John.

“Bears the sure touch of Wallis genius”—Dave Morris, author of Dragon Warriors
Afterlives cover
Afterlives is only available as a digital download from DriveThruRPG
Afterlives; or All good characters go to heaven
Fantasy RPG supplement; systemless
Artwork by Gustave Dore
22 pages

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