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Game Night

Game Night by Jonny Nexus

A ten-thousand-year quest is about to be completed. Prophecies will be fulfilled, ancient riddles answered, legendary evils bested, and the nature of the universe revealed. All that’s needed is a band of mighty heroes to do the completing.

Unfortunately for the locals, some of the gods have taken a personal interest in the chronicle of these heroes’ adventures. Now they are each guiding one of the characters towards the conclusion of their epic journey. That is, when they’re not squabbling, backstabbing each other, blowing things up by accident, refusing to play by the rules, and turning the AllFather’s creation into a mess of petty arguments, fantasy cliché, gratuitous combat and unnecessary dice-rolls.

If you thought your games group couldn’t be any worse, Game Night shows just how bad things can get when a bunch of unruly deities decide they want to play. And may the heavens help us all.

“Buy Game Night. It’s a fun, fresh, irreverent read that’ll ring true to any gamer even if, unlike the protagonists, you happen not to be a god.”
—John Kovalic, creator of Dork Tower

“The best novel ever written about gaming. One of the funniest novels ever written about
—RPGNet review (rating 5/5) by Steve Darlington

“This is the best work of gaming fiction I have ever read.”
—ENWorld review by Crothian

“A laugh riot… the writing is top-notch, the story is hilarious.”
—ENWorld review (rating 5/5) by Teflon Billy

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Game Night
By Jonny Nexus
Softback, 208 pages, £7.99
Cover by Jon Hodgson
ISBN 978-1906402013

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